GRASS, An Original Painting donated by Janet Bergstrom

Oil on canvas
13” x 30”

My family and I lived on Frost Road for 19 years. I taught in the Nooksack School District from 1985 until 2006.
A successful artist friend once suggested I choose one medium and master it. I tried but soon became bored. Therefore, the material choices I use are all over the place. This is being true to myself.
Inspirations for my work come from everywhere. My imagination is constantly swirling with new ideas—so many, in fact, that I often have several projects going on at once. Nature and my gardens’ bounty inspire many paintings. Symbolism and carefully chosen colors are used to tell the visual stories. Some works of art are inspired by simple beauty and are conceptual and representational renderings.
Honoring creativity is my therapy, meditation, joy, and sometimes obsession. Painting, drawing, making mosaics, writing, gardening, or working on any kind of artistic endeavor completes me.
GRASS was used on the cover of a collection of travel stories and art prints compiled for friends and family, titled THREE PASSIONS, Art, Adventures, Words.

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