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In this article, sorry it’s behind a paywall. Brent Cowden states:

“The area’s intended purpose is to be mined,” Cowden said. “And this is a resource that we need in the community. There’s tons of concerns about floods and building levees, but there’s not enough rock in the county currently to meet the need. This will be a valuable resource once it’s permitted.” 

Brent Cowden — “Proposed Whatcom gravel mine raises environmental, safety concerns”, Julia Lerne, March 28, 2023 at 5am, Cascadia Daily,

And yet they are hauling rock daily to Canada, this is not an economic benefit to the county, it’s depleting a much needed natural resource.

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  1. Kathleen Greenbaum

    There is a general lack of detail in Cowden’s application for this surface mine. No traffic specific route is provided. They don’t address where trucks will be housed/parked. There is a LaFarge cement plant 8.3 miles north of the mine in Abbotsford and numerous Cowden trucks are currently crossing the Sumas border into Canada. Given the “very close” relationship of Cowden to LaFarge, is our WA/Whatcom gravel going to Canada? This would be a resource grab when the Surface Mining Advisory Committee (SMAC) has concluded that the 50 year mineral reserves will only last 20 years. [Brent Cowden serves on SMAC.] Why is this precious resource going out of county? How much is going out of county? The Ranch Mine quarry application raises more questions than answers…and answers are what the applicant (Cowden) is directed to provide.

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