12 session package – one-on-one of ADHD Life Coaching

$250 starting bid
PLUS FREE ACCESS to a six-week ADHD Parenting 101 online course coming this fall.
($12,000 value)

There’s a gap between acquiring knowledge and then being able to put it into action. And, not every action works for every person. Especially for individuals and families with ADHD in the mix, knowing where to start can often feel overwhelming. I work with my clients to help them realign what is most meaningful and important to them with the actions they take.

The reason working together with a coach can be life-changing is because our brains are wired to keep us “safe”, not necessarily happy or fulfilled. Your brain is working hard to keep you doing what you’ve always done, even if it’s no longer serving you. I come alongside you with curiosity and empathy to open up new mental connections and pathways. Together, as a team, I work with you to discover the road blocks getting in your way, and create unique, tailor-made solutions to move forward.

This offer is for one 90-minute discover session, and five 45-minute one-on-one life coaching sessions over zoom.

You will also get access to an online ADHD Parenting Course coming out this fall.
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